Sunday, 7 June 2009

Trend Rose Tattoos

Are you aware that the colors of different roses have different meanings?

Roses have always been praised for their beauty. Their symbolic meaning goes way back into history:

  • For the Romans and Ancient Greeks the rose represented love and beauty and they identified the flower with Aphrodite, the goddess of love.
  • For Christians the rose represents the Virgin Mary (The Mystical Rose).
  • Roses were used in Ancient Egypt to worship the Goddess Isis, the ideal mother and wife.

When choosing a rose tattoo design, your first step should be taking some time to really decide what you are most interested in. Is it important for you that a tattoo projects a specific meaning? Do you have a specific design or color that you are interested in?

The red rose is the most popular as a tattoo design. Other colors that are popular are blue, yellow and pink roses. One design that is not as common, but still makes a great looking piece is the black rose tattoos These are quite unique and can incorporate a dark side to almost any tattoo without much trouble at all.

Rose tattoos often incorporate an additional element, the most popular being:

  • The Butterfly: butterflies and roses, a natural combination.
  • Heart tattoos: 2 symbols of love combine into a super love tattoo.
  • Tribal designs: a stylized version of a rose or a combination with tribal patterns.
  • A banner with the name of a beloved one
  • A Dagger: the love-hate relationship
  • Dragonfly tattoos: just like butterflies, a natural combination
  • A gun: love-hate again
  • Barbed wire around the rose vine: love can hurt and is not without risk.
  • Cross tattoos: memorial tattoo for a beloved one. Roses are also frequently used in "in loving memory" designs.
  • Skull Tattoos: can be a memorial tattoo, as well as other meanings.
  • Dragon tattoos: in love with a dragon

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