Wednesday, 17 June 2009

The Tattoo Artist Have Not Tattoo

Tattoos are bagaian of art, most tattoo artists to experiment menato in the body itself. However, different from the Daplong, tattoo artist who does not have one this one tattoo on her body also. "Yaah .. biar wiriness different course, first ever want a tattoo intention, but there is always only obstruction, may be I'm not really a tattoo" he said while laughing. Then how initially be tattoo artists?. This long-haired blond artist at the time that he tried SMP-try with a friend, tattoo equipment up and simple to use inta rotring at that time. People first tattoo he is a friend, and there are also traders meatball as eksperimennya event. "Time for a tattoo that I get my money in 2000 to 6,000 rupiah" kenangnya while laughing.

Then the journey continues in the tattoo world in Padang Bai. For about 2 years he was a tattoo artist calls, because at that time he was not yet have a studio. "I only sound of gunshot sound of gunshot to that time, I have guests come to my hotelnya for tattooing" he said. And in 2000 an he came to Kuta and a tattoo artist in Mr. Studio DolphinTattoo up at this time. Name Daplong known artist who sebagia champion in style black and gray. Bakatnya in the art world this is indeed descended from the family, Her grandfather was a carver, or sculpture, and almost all his family are artists. The only difference Daplong own sculpture art in the skin.

Men who like to play ethnic music kedepannya want this tattoo in Indonesia in general and Bali in particular for the more advanced. And artist-artisnya more professional. Do not forget he also wanted to convey that it is not criminal tattoos, tattoo is just an art. Lifestyle tattoo Bali ..


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