Saturday, 27 February 2010

Tribal Bull Tattoo -Tips on Getting Your New Tattoo

So you've decided that you want to get a tribal bull tattoo. But where do you start? I can tell you that doing the proper research beforehand is a must. You are about to spend a lot of your cash on getting your new artwork. So you want to make sure that you get the piece that you like. This artwork is going to be a permanent feature on your body. Doing good research beforehand can make all the difference in the world.

I have a feeling you have done what so many others have done before you. Let me guess, you've gone to Google images to start your research. This isn't a bad place to get some ideas, but you need to keep in mind that everyone starts the research here and that means you run the risk of duplicating someone else's artwork.

If I were you I would check out one of the pay tattoo websites. These websites offer a wealth of advantages when it comes to your new tattoo. You can get access to a tattoo artist that does nothing but tribal tattoos. That artist can work with you to customize your piece so you're happy with the end results. You also get access to a huge group of other tattoo enthusiasts that may be able to help you out with any questions or concerns you may have.

Most of the best pay tattoo sites also offer reviews of local tattoo parlors. This gives you the peace of mind of knowing that you are going to a tattoo parlor that is both safe and reputable.

As you can see, you've got your work cut out for you when deciding on your new ink. Good luck on getting your new tribal bull tattoo!

Bull Tattoo - The Perfect and Fascinating Bull Tattoo Design For Men

Some tattoos, are suitable for men as well as women known as the unisex tattoos. However, few tattoos look good on either one of them. For women, designs like flower tattoos look good. The best for men are the bull tattoos. Since, the Bull represents a masculine symbol. It is always related to men. Bull tattoos are also related to zodiac signs too. The person wearing this tattoo is said to be strong, temperamental and impulsive. Hence, these tattoos are the best ones to explain your strong personality.

The head of the bull is one of the popular designs of the tattoo. The structure of the head is sharp and thus it helps the tattoo artists; to skillfully paint the art. The face is designed with a ring on the nose and with flaring nostrils that give an angry look to the face. Crescent shaped horns; cover the face of the bull. Each person has their own idea about the bull tattoo design. Some people, like the realistic appearance of the bull and others prefer a carton style tattoo. The carton style tattoo with the features of the bull is exaggerated. Here, the eye of the bull is painted in blazing colors of red. There are few people who design the head in such a way that it looks as though, it is bursting through the skin. Many tattoo designers, prefer this image when designing a skull.

Bull tattoos are designed as an action piece. Some of the action pieces of the tattoo designs are: charging on the target, running in sunset, trying to throw the cowboy; from the back of the bull, etc. The other new idea that has emerged is: the bull fighting inside or outside of the ring. All the good ideas lie inside you. The bull is related to the sun or the moon, in Hindu Mythology. The connotations associated with the celestial world can be used to design mythological bull tattoos. These tattoos are believed to turn their heads. The horn is meant to be half moon and the tip of the tail is displayed in the form of sun rays. There are countless unique designs of bull tattoo that fascinates the world of men.

Thursday, 25 February 2010

Locating Tattoo Pictures and Photos As Inspirations For Your Own Tattoo Designs

When it comes to tattoo, the very first problem that you may encounter is what design to go for. This is just normal; its even good if you are considering it as a problem because that means you are giving it a serious thought and you would just do not want to be tattooed with something that you are unsure of. When it comes to your tattoo designs, forethought and careful planning should be involved. This is definitely not something that should be taken lightly. It may sound cliché but its the truth - tattoo is something permanent so do not get a tat design that you might regret in the future.

One of the best source of getting ideas from is the world wide web-the internet. There are literally thousands of choices available online that you can readily view just with the simple click of your mouse. When you google "tattoo photos" or "tattoo pictures", you will be seeing tons of websites that you might even find overwhelming. Of course, not everything is created equal. There are tattoo gallery website that offers high quality designs while there are some that are just lame or the cookie-cutter types. The latter are usually the websites that offer free designs that you can easily download and bring to your favorite tattoo artist. Do not fall trap to this kind of offer; they are usually of low quality and have been used by thousands of other people. In short, its not unique; they are just a bunch of flash tattoo art that have been used over and over again.

The best option for you would be to check out tattoo gallery that offers membership at a very affordable price. Read reviews and see what others have to say about the site. When you sign up as a member, you will immediately have access to tons of tattoo designs that are originally design by their in house tat artist. Be careful though as there are paid tattoo gallery websites there contains just a bunch of images and pictures copied from the internet. (Yes, I have encountered some). Just make sure that you go for a tat gallery that have been around for years and have been tried and tested by a lot of tat enthusiasts. In short, do you research when it comes to your tattoo.

Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Aztec Tattoo Designs

The Aztec civilization was once considered superior and thriving. Tattoo designs are some of the legacies they left behind. Aztec tattoo designs are intricate and striking and it's no wonder that a lot of tattoo enthusiasts are drawn to them. The attraction may stem from sheer appreciation of its visual beauty or from deep understanding of how the ancients have lived and flourished. The Aztecs placed great value to their art and to carry a symbol yourself you must understand that it is rooted from an ancient civilization that considered it sacred.

Aztecs tattoo designs were used by the people who created them originally as sacred symbols. They placed them on strategic spots in their body to represent something that was culturally ingrained. A person might want to get a tattoo to preserve his culture or just to show an interest in it. The sun is the focal symbol of Aztec tattoo so a person might want to characterize the strength that the sun represents by getting an Aztec designed tattoo.

In the ancient times, even children have tattoos. This is to identify them with the God they were worshipping. It is perhaps an advantage to you if you would inquire more about Aztec culture so you can identify with it more and you might wish to place your tattoo where the Aztecs might place it too. That way it will not look like a mere imitation of the art but one that indicates perception of the culture.

There is a bunch of information you can dig up on the Internet. You can browse some pictures to give you an idea of what you might want your tattoo to look like. To portray authenticity glean your sources well. If you rely on shops for Aztec tattoo designs you have to remember that these are artists who might get a little too enthusiastic about their designs and they might have added something that is not entirely related to the Aztec culture. Look for shops that are reputable and artists that are experienced and knowledgeable about symbolic figures. Only then will you be able to derive joy and pride from the art work.

Aztec Tattoo Designs - What You Need to Know Before You Get an Aztec Tattoo Design

The world of Aztec tattoo designs is a very tribal and important one indeed. What you need to know before you get an Aztec tattoo design is that permanence and creativity walk hand-in-hand. As the Aztec Indian tribes of yesteryear taught their troops right before a battle, patience, permanence and being creative on the battlefield are very important goals and should be held in the highest regards before and after and even during the battle. Sadly the Aztec Nation is just a distant but vibrant memory that was permanently erased from the Earth.

The History

Since tattoos have been around for many centuries and have been used for so many other reasons that go beyond aesthetic quality, it is important to understand the ancient tribes known as the Aztecs. The Aztecs adorned their bodies with tattoos much as we wear decorated dresses and business suits today. The Aztecs lived in the area of Mexico in North America. The popularity of their tattoo designs has never been as high as many individuals are really getting to know the Aztec culture and the creation of tattoo designs for the gods of their culture. The designs that are Aztec are also functional and helped to define a person and their well-known characteristics. Aztec designs shout-out volumes without speaking a single word.

The Culture

Most of the symbols that are taken from the Aztec tattoo designs symbolize eagles and the sun. For centuries the Aztecs ruled that part of the world and gave us some of the most beautiful and interesting Aztec designs. From the wild game that the Aztec people hunted and lived upon, to the gods that were in the heavens and all around them in their natural surroundings, the Aztec design department is a very busy one these days. Known for both beauty and supple quality of nature and fluidity of living within nature and within one's own means, the Aztec heritage and culture is one of the most interesting and beloved of all. Many individuals today lament the loss of the Aztec culture and wish that they could have done something so many centuries ago. Yet, there was nothing that could be done, as fate was called upon.

Meanings of the Tattoos

If you choose to wear an Aztec tattoo, then it is best to research the meaning of the Aztec design symbol that you may put on your body. A great example of an Aztec tattoo design is the Aztec Thunderbird. Many celebrities as well as sports personalities and the common person sport this tattoo of a winged creature and do so with both pride and respect for the Aztec culture. Some of the most important design translations to know before you start to select an Aztec tattoo are that these symbols mean something, all of them. You must do your research and select one that is not just known for its aesthetic beauty but also has a deeper, more personal meaning to you. In this way you will not offend the Aztec people who are still on the earth and you will be seen as a respectful person.

Saturday, 20 February 2010

Various Attractive Tattoo Designs For Women

regarded as outcast of the society hence the prim and proper kind never dared to cross the line. Nowadays, people are more open to changes thus there are now tattoo designs for women that are hitting the scene like a storm. Many women now would wish to have their own tattoo because they think that it will make them sexy and more attractive to the opposite gender, which is actually true.

Here are the tattoo designs for women:

1. One of the most accepted designs for women is the butterfly which is normally inked as a lower back tattoo. For one, the butterfly is an extremely popular symbol as it is used as a representation of hope and new life. A butterfly basically symbolizes a lot of things which may further cover the issue of rebirth or reinvention. This is even a good symbol to represent the transformation of a woman from being a girl into a beautiful and fine lady.

2. Another option is to paint stars on the body. Star is used as a symbol of hope during the darkest of times. It is used to say that there is hope in life as long as we are living. Sometimes, this is even used as a representation of a goal thus people who wish to become someone or reach something would ink a star on their body so that hey are always reminded of the goal they need to achieve.

3. There is also the flower which works well as tattoo designs for women. No matter if it's a seductive rose or a charming daisy, women can surely get flowers so they can ink their body something that will symbolize their femininity.

Tattoo Safety

At one point, when people saw a tattoo on a stranger, it made them apprehensive. In today's society, tattoos have become much more mainstream, and chances are you know someone who has a tattoo. Or perhaps, you are interested in getting one yourself. How do you know if a tattoo artist is following proper safety procedures to ensure you do not get an infection from the tattooing process?

First of all, if you walk into a tattoo studio and it does not look and smell clean, chances are it isn't. Walk right back out of the shop immediately. Every tattoo artist should start out with sterile supplies and surfaces. Surfaces should be cleaned and sanitized before and after EVERY procedure. Last, but not least, the client's skin should also be kept clean to prevent infection, and in rare cases where it is required, the artist should be protected from transmittable diseases.

Here is a list of procedures that your artist should follow to ensure the sanitation and safety of their clients.

1) Use an autoclave to sterilize all reusable equipment. Once the instruments come out of the autoclave, they should be properly sealed in an autoclave bag, which is opened in front of the client before use.

2) The artist should scrub up. This will include using an antibacterial skin cleanser and using proper medical scrubbing such as scrubbing to the elbows for several minutes. They should use disposable towels to dry off and also shut off the running water so their skin does not touch the faucet. They should then put on rubber gloves.

3) The work area should be full cleaned and sanitized. This normally consists of using a heavy medical germicide that kills all types of germs. These are usually antibacterial, antifungal and antiviral and are quite potent so they should be used with care. Work areas should include all surfaces such as counters, trays, tables, power sources, ink trays (if they are not autoclaveable) and all cords or cables.

4) The artist should now be setting up their tattoo equipment. This should include placing plastic covers over the sanitized cords, as well as a cover over the tattoo machine to prevent cross contamination of any sort. Set up will also include the set up of ink supplies.

5) Lastly, before ink touches skin, the skin should be properly sanitized. This will include wiping down the skin with a variety of mediums depending on the artists choice. This can range from rubbing alcohol to green soap to a specialized antibacterial cleanser.

Every tattoo artist should adhere to this basic sanitization list. Every artist is different; however, every artist should have safety and cleanliness in mind. As you can see keeping sanitary conditions in tattooing is painstaking work, but it is well worth the effort when you consider the safety of everyone involved.

Thursday, 18 February 2010

Body Tattoos Designs

to put on a tattoo? Well, it actually differs from every person's perspective. Some people misinterpreted the meaning of tattoo because they see it as untidy and a disruption to one's body. But tattoos can be as an artistic as a painting on the wall. It depends on how a person visualizes it and envisions his body about his/her tattoo.

A tattoo is donning a permanent ink into the layers of the skin to imprint something which may be a significant décor to a certain person. It is a permanent marking that is why you should think twice before doing it or, if you really want it, by choosing a design for your body that is suitable for your characteristics. It is somehow a statement of who and what you are. It may have different meanings like for love it may symbolize a person's commitment to a lover or an ownership of one person by another.

It also differs from gender. A tattoo for men may represent his courage, power, principles or honor. While for the women it may denote love, passion, blossoms or benevolence. There are a very wide-variety of body tattoos designs to choose from. They can be a tribal look, or a celtic one even as simple as black and white. You can have it in any parts of your body as it depends on you of how you wanted it to be seen-large or small. It also depends on you on how will choose the colors for the picked design.

For some people, tattoo is a sacred marking for their body. It is considerable to their religion, culture and spiritual devotions. For others, it may be a name of their love ones like their mother, father, siblings, sons or daughters, wife or husband. Even a deceased love one is being inked on their body. It can also be a phrase or words that show and expresses your feeling for others.

Tattoos are intricate in style, the art you wanted for your body should be the result of what is inked onto it. That is why you should be careful in choosing an artist for putting on the design you want. If you can not choose the right colors, size and pattern you can ask an expert tattoo artist for it so that in the end you will not regret having that kind of body tattoos designs that you want.

How to Draw a Demon Tattoo

When drawing your tattoo design of a demon, it's best to think about what you want to draw, first you write or draw little sketches of what you want to have as a design, you could do this in a few ways with drawing little thumbnails or writing small notes and descriptions of what you want designed.

The main steps of drawing any tattoo, is to get inspired by the many available tattoos online and in any of your local tattoo shops. You need to find out what is popular and what would sell if you are interested in selling your artwork. The main point to consider is when selling your work, they are often bought in sets or what is called flash sheets of lots of collected tattoo designs. These can be on A4 size paper or larger A3 size and if you want to you can laminate them to make them look professional, this is especially handy if you are selling on Ebay.

Once you have looked and seen what is actually out there, you can proceed with your tattoo designs from your initial idea or concept, whether you have written it down or drawn a small thumbnail sketch as a reference. I usually work this way and it provides a really useful point of concept design in stages and you could later see how your artwork has developed from the draft stage.

So to draw a demonic tattoo, you just start with the shape of your demon, drawing loosely you pencil in the structure of the demon, however you want it to look, you could at this stage just draw the head of the demon or the full image of the demon if you wish, it's really up to you!

The next step is to flesh out your drawing development and see where you want the drawing to go, you yourself can push the design boundaries and create fantastic and other worldly creations. In this step you refine your demonic drawing so that it becomes more defined in shape, plus when you draw a tattoo you could design it in many ways. For example, drawing a long design that would ideally fit on anyones shoulder or a small design to fit on someones wrist, toggling between the different sizes and surface areas you can use to design your tattoos is a useful way of creating new ideas too.

Following on from this is adding details and other features that will help your design be either wanted by others or simple just appeal to others, you could add tribal or Celtic design elements to make your designs more professional. This should go back to the reason why I said look at other peoples work online and offline in the local tattoo shops, to see what others are doing, even asking your tattooist, like you should do - they will tell you and even advise you on what sells and what looks best in terms of tattoos.

Colors play a large part in the design of a tattoo, how they are shaded influence the buying decisions of customers online and offline who are searching for a tattoo. They are looking for something specific, so remember to make your demon tattoo stand out, make it striking to the eye, but not too colourful that your tattooist has trouble or some issues with it when transferring the tattoo from stencil to skin.

Monday, 15 February 2010

Maori Tattoo Designs - Ta Moko Tattoos

Thanks to the Rugby Team known as "All Blacks", almost everybody today knows who the Maori are. These fascinating people arrived in south-western Polynesia at some time before 1300 and developed a strong and distinct culture, whose main features have been kept throughout the centuries.

Maori culture almost disappeared during the 18th century, due to Europeans bad habit of destroying different cultures. Nevertheless, they survived the hard test, and they are now living some kind of cultural revival.

Among many interesting aspects of their culture, there is one I am particularly interested in: Maori love for complex tattoo designs. Their particular art of tattooing was called Ta Moko. They developed a great mastery of this unique kind of tattoo designs (called Mokos), which covered the whole face of worthy Mori warriors.

A Moko symbolized an important milestone between childhood and adulthood, but it was also an important sign of your social status. A Moko tattoo design has not much to do with aesthetic. It carries information about your identity, information about your family lineage and about yourself.

Mokos were traditionally face tattoos, as the head was considered to be the most sacred part of the body. Such complex tattoo designs were literally carved with chisels on the face. Therefore a Moko was never something done lightly. It took months to decide if a Maori young man was worth getting a Moko carved on his face for the rest of his life. That was why carrying a Moko on your face wasn't just something personal; a Moko carries information about the whole family and its tribal history. Therefore you have to honour it with your behaviour throughout your whole life.

Maori without Mokos on their face were seen as persons of lower or without social status.

In a Moko tattoo design, each side of the face represents the genealogy of a different parent. There are also one-sided facial Moko tattoos, in case one of the parents could not prove a high social status.

Reading a Moko is not easy at all. Such a tattoo design carries important information about your family and your social position, but also about yourself and your character. While reading a Moko you should be able to open your mind in the attempt to see not only what is visible and clear but also what's behind it. It is some kind of transcendental experience, which allows you to know more about the man who is wearing it.

I Want Maori Tattoo Design Ideas

Many people walk into tattoo shops or post messages on website boards proclaiming, "I want Maori tattoo design ideas!" This popular and artful style of tattooing is associated with the Maori people of New Zealand, and has experienced a revitalization in the 1990's to present in the West.

So where do you go for these Maori tattoo design ideas?

1. Face.

A quick way to search out these tattoos is searching for face tats. This style was used many times on the face, and a lot of face ink is based in this design.

Now, you probably don't want to get a full on face tattoo, and more modern day Maori ink are not placed on the face. But it still gives you some quick ideas of the curves and shapes these tattoos have and may get you thinking of other body part placement for these designs.

2. Specific artists.

There are artists who specialize in Maori designs and they will have a number of ideas for you. The good thing about going to an artist directly who is knowledgeable in this style, is that he or she will provide you with some designs which don't infringe on the symbolic ties that the Maori people feel unique and sacred towards.

3. Tattoo Gallery Online.

There are galleries online where you can get a ton of ideas for all kinds of ink, including Maori tattoo design ideas. These are great because you can log in then browse through hundreds of the top quality designs available, ensuring that you are not missing out on anything.

Friday, 12 February 2010

Face Tattoos - Famous People and Fears

One of the most extreme areas of tattooing is the face area. Face tattoos bring an automatic "shrill" from people on the street, and right away these tattooed individuals are differentiated as the more extreme and shocking breed. Some would also say "stupid breed", as many people can't understand why an individual would adorn his face with ink.

Almost all areas of the body you are able to cover up with. But the face is an everyday visual mainstay, and unless you wear a ski mask, your ink will be front and center all the time.

Some famous individuals who have chosen face ink, also ironically happen to be world class athletes:

Mike Tyson: The most famous being that of the boxer Mike Tyson. He has a tribal like design on one side of his face, wrapping around his eye.

Lee Priest: Priest is a very popular professional bodybuilder who has won and ranked high in many major competitions. His face tattoo is also delegated to one side of his face and it has a tribal style to it.

David Clinger: Clinger is a professional cyclist and easily the most extreme of the face tattooed athletes. He has a full on tribal design, covering his whole face.

Fears of Face Tattoos:

There is, and should be much fear of getting a face tattoo. Unlike some other area of the body, you need to be extremely sure this is what you want to do as there is no covering up, and no going back. Unfortunately it seems many individuals don't heed the warnings and develop serious regret.

There used to be a statistic out which stated face tattoo wearers had a very high rate of suicide. For this and other reasons, many tattoo artists often refuse to give out face tattoos.

Wednesday, 10 February 2010

Tattoo Tips - How to Avoid the Pain

Getting a tattoo can be a fairly painful process considering a tattoo needle pierces the skin 3,000 times a minute. But it doesn't have to be as excruciating as it sounds. Here are some helpful hints on how to avoid pain when getting a tattoo.

Psychological ways to avoid pain:

Practice mind over matter. If you love the design you're getting (which you should), then it should be pretty easy to focus on how beautiful your piece will look when it's done and not worry about how bad it hurts during the process.

Listen to music, bring a friend to talk to or think about something else completely. I wouldn't advise talking to the tattoo artist so much; you wouldn't want to distract them from their important task at hand.

Sit still! The job will get done quicker and with no errors. If you happen to move and the artist inks you outside of the design, they may have to modify the design, which usually means more inking.

General areas to avoid:

  • Veins close to the surface
  • Bones (areas where skin and bone are very close)
  • Areas where the skin in thinner
  • Areas with a lot of nerve endings close to the surface
  • Sensitive skin that is not exposed to sun very much
  • Flabby skin

Specific areas that typically hurt:

  • Hipbone
  • Ribcage
  • Tops of feet (and feet in general)
  • Ankles
  • Hands
  • Wrists
  • Behind the ear
  • Skull
  • Pubic area

Basically all the sexy areas to get inked will come with some degree of pain.

Now, an individual's threshold to pain will also play a major factor in how much they can or can't tolerate. A general rule is that if you're more susceptible to pain, or if pinching or poking with your fingernail hurts, the tattoo process will not be at ALL enjoyable for you. If you can stand a medium pricking sensation on your skin (or more like an eraser burn), then you'll make it through.

If you're worried about the pain, start out with a smaller tattoo or a creative outline. The more simplistic the design is, the less amount of time it will take, and the less amount of pain you will have to endure. Once you get used to the feeling and make it through a few pieces, your body will not perceive the danger and pain to the same degree.

Now that you know where the painful places on your body are, you can avoid the pain when getting a tattoo. If you really want a tatt in a typically painful place, you can just suck it up and deal with the pain because in the end, you will have exactly what you want and the price you pay won't even matter.