Wednesday, 7 April 2010

Amy Winehouse Tattoos - The Good the Bad and the Ugly

Celebrity tattoo ever made the way more and more open to show off their tattoos into the mainstream culture.

Of these celebrities the most popular, of course, Angelina Jolie. Although she is the most suitable for the activities of the United Nations representative said she, her marriage in the past few years, Brad Pitt and her adopted children of transnational families, she was notorious for her body art.

Oscar-winning actress, now has more than 12 tattoos more in the last few years did not hesitate to have the name of love, she now immortalized in ink on her.

The other end of the spectrum, according to the respect, the British soul singer Amy Winehouse, his body is a tattoo artist's needle virtual canvas.

Although she had the black album to critical acclaim and strong sales House in recent years has become better for her chaotic personal life has become famous.

In 2007, she married Blake Field-Civil, is a troubled marriage, to say the least, troubled by allegations of spousal abuse, and ultimately ended in divorce in 2009.

House is also struggling with drug abuse, the odd behavior, has long been tabloid paper.

Amy Winehouse has been in the list of tattoo websites, including an anchor to feed her abdomen, her husband Blake more than one a book on her left breast pocket of her pictures in the lower right corner of the arm, The first name of the bird singing sailors, and her body, an angel, a feather, a horseshoe and the lightning the other parts.

American Eagle recently she was behind her back between her shoulder tattoo Egypt Anchor flight.

Art House sports huge amount of human and inspired artists in other media. Artists 安德鲁萨洛 Mo demonstrated recently in his blog an Amy Winehouse tattoo sweater, embroidered him all her tattoo in the right place.

Salomone said he hoped would allow her sweater to keep her warm and healthy, and still miss her unique body art of her programs.

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