Monday, 18 January 2010

Taking the Fear Out of Tattoo Equipment

Do you have a tattoo? If not the chances are that you have thought about getting a tattoo at some stage but you have been put off by negative stories from the tattooists chair. The chances are that if you actually took the time to look into what happens in a tattoo parlour then you would be quite surprised at how relaxed, painless and friendly it truly is.

The tattoo equipment that is used to perform the job is basically a small device about the size of a soldering iron, in the end of the device is a lot of small needles which basically injects ink into your body wherever you are having it. Obviously there is a small amount of pain that will be experienced from the tattoo equipment when you have the tattoo performed but it is not as bad as originally thought. A lot of it is just hype and myth, a way of making people look harder than they actually are.

The one time that the tattoo equipment might cause you some pain is if you decide to have a tattoo performed on an area of the body which is particularly bony, this can then cause the customer some discomfort, but then if you are going for your first tattoo then don't pick one of these areas.

Another important thing to remember when you get your first tattoo is that it will bleed a lot. You will get it covered up by some form of lint or protective cloth, but it will of course leak as you have an open wound on your body. This is not because the person performing the tattooist has made a mistake with the tattoo equipment it is quite normal, but to the novice it can seem quite strange.

Another thing to consider if you are going for your first tattoo would be the type of design that you are going to get printed onto your body. If this is your first tattoo I wouldn't recommend going for anything too intricate as it will involve a large amount of time in the tattooist's chair. Obviously if you spend a large period of time in the chair then you may find that you will start to feel some pain.

So there you have it, getting a tattoo isn't a bad as some people have made out and once you get to know the tattoo equipment you quickly realise that there is nothing to fear. Maybe you can start a fresh in 2010 with a new tattoo.

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