Thursday, 2 July 2009

Tattoos Traditional Dayak So The Youth Trends

In the modern era is now a lot of people decorate with tubuhn ya tattoo. Tattoo or body art tattoo traditional pattern typical among the Dayak tribe Aoheng-also often called the Dayak Penihing-which is located in the Mahakam river upstream now begin the era of the resurrection shows. The youth in the Long Bagun District, West Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan, now boast more typical Dayak tattoos as fashion models of the modern tattoo motif.

Tim Cross Ekspedisi Barito-Muller-Mahakam weekends ago the phenomenon of tattoo in Dayak villages in West Kutai Regency, East Kalimantan (Kaltim). The start of Penyinggahan Penyungkat in the river upstream to the downstream Sebunut precisely in the area of Long Bagun at the Mahakam River.

Kecamatan Long Bagun water terminal is the most upstream and most visited by many people from different river. Long Bagun also be a transit center and trade center for the people of upper Mahakam River. Discharge into the area last large ships is called regular or taxi Mahakam.

Almost every taxi driver who found the water always has a tattoo on the body. It is interesting, tattoo-tattoo pattern is no longer modern, but traditional pattern. Phenomena that attract two people anthropologist attached to the expedition team.

Laurensius Ding Lie (40), who call themselves the Art Tattoo Dayak in the village of Long Bagun Ilir, said, almost all youth in the village has a tattoo pattern traditional Dayak. "Now that there is no longer requested ditato modern images such as the skull or other modern image," he said.

Four main motif is the preferred motif asoe (dog), the dragon, irap Aran, and anyam darli (rope beranyam). In addition to the three patterns, there are still hundreds of motifs typical of Dayak dihafal Laurensius only in the head and was never documented in the form of image printing.

During menekuni Dayak tattoos, Laurensius have a lot of correspondence with the tattoo of experts from dozens of countries. "People outside India is also pursuing this tattoo, I have many friends overseas and they want to meet each ditato typical Dayak," he said.

Garden lantern

Head of Adat Kampung Long Bagun Ilir Yosep Lie Aran, said first tattoo is made of black smoke soot resin that is burned. Soot is mixed with eggplant leaf extract sparrow.

Therefore, a philosophical tattoo for Dayak people Aoheng (Kalteng people call this as a Dayak Penihing) is a lantern or torch lights to the withdrawal of Paradise resin used for the first time of darkness torch. "So for us the tattoo of the spiritual and there is no intention to become a champion like that dicitrakan for this," said Laurensius concerned with the image of tattoo diidentikkan with violence.

Dayak Tattoos have sacred symbols of the social can be a marker of the status of someone. Because kesakralan Dayak tattoo, the tattoo of Laurensius now would only serve for the creation of Dayak tattoo.

"People outside the Dayak tattoo I could, but I need to know that the correct people will not presume to tattoos for show," said Laurensius. Anthropologist from the School Kalimantan evangelical theology of the Church Marko Mahin and anthropologist from the University of Lambung Mangkurat Setia Budhi rate of tattoos among young phenomenon is interesting.


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