Friday, 10 July 2009

Are Tattoo Sexy

I love to decorate the body with a tattoo that I am impressed sexy body. This is something I often ponder quietly. I thought for a tattoo that I very tastefully done. I also feel that the tattoo on the lower back is very sexy. But my husband does not really care for them. He does not hate me or think that I'm trashy by all means, he just does not care for them. Now I am on the other hand, I find that very interesting when a man covered in tattoos. I honestly do not know what it is, but I find them very interesting and the section on men. Heck, even some women who look sexy tattoos, Angelina Jolie IE.

So this got me to thinking, what people think about this. Whether or not they sexy? Both came to know the survey has been conducted and indicates that at least one third of the United States with one or more tattoo (s) say they make them feel more sexy. To break down more 34% of Americans have a tattoo think is sexy. Surprisingly, just 42% of women have tattoos feel make them feel sexier, and only 25% of men feel this way.

One of the flip side of things the people who do not have a tattoo that asked the same question and the answers come out differently. 42% of American think-less tattoo tattooed people less attractive and 36% non-tattooed people tattoos make someone less sexy.

So according to this survey conducted in July 2003, many people think less sexy tattoos from people who think they are sexy. Leaves that I would like to hear from the tattoo community and non-tattooed people there.


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